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Garage Door Repair

Garage Door Repair

We are a reliable company, offering quality repair services for your garage door.

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Garage Door Springs

Garage Door Springs

Our experts perform a thorough inspection of your springs during maintenance service.

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Our Infographic

Our Infographic

Click here to check out our useful garage door related infographic, and learn some fun facts on the topic.

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We can do one garage door to a whole line of garage doors

Simple answers to usual problems and questions about garage door repair, accident prevention and secure homes.

Why do glass doors cost more?

The truth is that glass garage door prices are much higher because the concept is new and the material needs more processing. Though, our specialists will make sure that the money you will spend on glass garage doors is worth every penny. Glass doors allow the sunshine in and, therefore, you will be spending less on electricity; plus, the value of the property will go up, if you want to sell.

When do springs break?

Garage door springs are very strong but also sensitive. Imagine that they carry the heavy weight of the garage door but they are able to do that thanks to their flexibility, energy and twisted shape. They must remain flexible and strong with regular lubrication maintenance and repair. They may also snap due to their old age or if you install a heavier door. Hence, garage door spring replacement must take place on the right time.

Why is the appearance of garage doors important?

Good looking garage doors would mean that they are not sagging and, therefore, garage door repair is your priority. It will be important for the security of your house and their appearance will play a great role in assessing  the value of your property. It will create a sense of good property protection and thieves won't try to interfere with well-maintained garage doors.

How are steel garage doors constructed?

The simplest ones have a single panel but they are less reliable and strong from their more durable counterparts. Manufacturers use different steel gauge thickness ranging from 20 to 28. The smallest the gauge thickness, the better! They might be constructed also with two or four layers.

What’s the benefit of having an overhead garage door?

Contrary to popular belief, overhead garage doors are the safest type to install and use on a daily basis; overheads allow for maximum security from intrusion, and are easily lockable so that children and pets don’t find their way out.

How important is the brand when selecting an opener?

Bigger brands typically offer very good quality. They have longer and better warranties on their openers. They usually have great customer service as well. Still, our specialists recommend that you compare different models on their own merits first and then decide on the brand.

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